eMEDIATOR Project is Completed


Press Release: EMediator Project Successfully Completed

Riga, November 2023 – We are pleased to announce the successful completion of the 3-year EMediator project, funded under the Erasmus+ program of the European Union. EMediator developed an online platform to facilitate mediation on competence-based training.
The project was jointly conducted by 5 partner institutions across 5 European countries. Over 30 educators, researchers, and domain experts have collaborated to bring EMediator to fruition.

“We are delighted that EMediator has achieved all intended project goals covering theoretical, technological development, training content creation, and mediation workflow optimization”, remarked Prof. Mishnevs, Project Lead, Transport and Telecommunication Institute, Latvia. “The EMediator platform is now ready to be rolled out to relevant communities to positively impact education practice.”

Some key outputs achieved through EMediator include:

• An online software platform with built-in training search, competence search, and custom features for teaching mediation
• Research reports studying the applicability of eMediator
• Training courses and methodology guides on online mediation techniques customized for competencies search
• Strong communication and partnership base including 5 European universities

All research from EMediator will be openly accessible under Creative Commons licenses.
“We encourage widespread adoption of EMediator to expand access to competence training globally”, added Prof. Mishnevs. “The platform has shown meaningful impact during rigorous testing – we believe it provides great value to educational practices globally.”

Partners are now seeking to implement EMediator for greater impact as well as exploring options for follow-up initiatives that apply technology for future development. Stakeholders interested in the EMediator platform can reach out for details.

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